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This resource covers reprints of Marvel Comics published during the Silver Age (Fantastic Four #1) to the Marvel Reboot (mid 1990s). Some Golden Age and Post Reboot information are also included, but that's not the main focus. I created this website in the summer of 1998 and hope it will benefit comic fans and collectors.

There are basically two sections. If you want to find a reprint of a particular issue, go to the Original Titles section. For instance, you can see that Journey Into Mystery #83 was first reprinted in Marvel Tales Annual #1. If you want to find what a particular title reprinted, go to the Reprint Titles section. For instance, you can see that Marvel Super Action reprinted Captain America and Avengers stories. The Books section contains information about Masterworks, Essentials, Omnibuses, etc.

When I started this site in 1998, most of the Silver Age reprints were only available in the 60's and 70's reprint titles. But now the Masterworks, Omnibuses, and Essentials books have covered that material. Also, there have been some great Bronze Age reprints in the Marvel Premiere Classic books. So it's a good time to be a Marvel fan.

Remember, with great power there must also come -- great responsiblity. So use this information wisely. :) If you have any questions, comments, or info, please contact me. I always like hearing from fellow comic book fans.

Email: marvelreprints "at" (replace "at" with @)

Donations: If you find this site useful and feel like supporting it, I'm an affliate of Lone Star Comics. Any amount is deeply appreciated. Like most comic websites, this is just a labor of love.

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Original Titles

The short versions contain the latest information. I have stopped updating the long versions.

Reprint Titles

Lance Visser supplied me with the original list of reprint titles. I divided the information into smaller files for easier access. Any unlisted title is in the Miscellaneous section. For the 1960-70s reprints, Fantasy Masterpieces became Marvel Super-Heroes and Marvel Collectors Item Classics became Marvel's Greatest Comics.

General Reprints

1960s Reprints

1970s Reprints

1980s Reprints

1990s Reprints

2000s Reprints

Brief Notes

The reprints usually refer to the first series of a title so I don't specify the volume number. I consider most of them that way even when they're technically not the first. For instance, Incredible Hulk restarted with issue 102 but issues 1 through 6 were published earlier. Also Dr. Strange came out first with issues 169 through 183 before restarting with issue 1. As long as there's no numbering conflict, I've combined them all into the first series.

The X-Men titles are a bit confusing so here's my notation. "X-Men" refers to the original X-Men title from #1-93 whereas "Uncanny X-Men" refers to issues 94 onwards. "X-Men V2" refers to the 2nd series (1991) started by Chris Claremont & Jim Lee.

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